1986 Commonwealth £2


“First Ever British Commemorative £2 Two Pound Coin”

1986 Royal Mint XIII Commonwealth Games Brilliant Uncirculated £2 Two Pound Coin Pack

Issuing Country: United Kingdom

Weight: 15.98 Grams / Diameter: 28.40mm

Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated

In 1986 for the first time ever the Royal Mint released a commemorative Brilliant Uncirculated £2 Two Pound Coin which displays a newly approved design by sculptor Norman Sillman.

It shows a Scottish thistle and a laurel wreath, superimposed on St Andrew’s Cross and marks the XIII Commonwealth Games being held in Scotland in 1986.
This is the first Commemorative Coin ever to be issued in the United Kingdom to mark a sporting occasion.
The obverse bears Raphael Maklouf’s elegant portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, approved for use on the United Kingdom‘s coinage from 1985 onwards.

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