Nintendo 64 Game Packs (NUS-006) are ROM cartridges that store game data for the Nintendo 64. Their sizes vary from 4 MB (32 Mbit, such as Automobili Lamborghini and Dr. Mario 64) to 64 MB (512 Mbit, such as Resident Evil 2 and Conker’s Bad Fur Day). The Game Pack’s design trade-offs were intended to achieve maximal system speed and minimal system cost, with a lesser storage space and a higher unit cost per game.
Launched in 1996, the Nintendo 64 was the latest major home console to use a cartridge as its primary storage format until the release of the Nintendo Switch in 2017. Portable systems such as the PlayStation Vita, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS also use cartridges. Nintendo’s data storage strategy with the Nintendo 64 had always been to develop a complementary higher-capacity peripheral to accompany the Nintendo 64 Game Pack.
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