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British M1888 Mk I Type II Lee Metford Rifle Bayonet.
This bayonet is in over-all good condition for its 119 years of age and is highly collectable. The 300mm double-edged blade is nicely marked on the ricasso with a flat crown above VR (Victoria Regina) and the date 3′ 99 (March 1899). This bayonet was produced for the Boer War in South African. The obverse ricasso is marked with “EFD” for the Enfield factory, the British War Department broad arrow, bend test and Enfield inspection stamp. The spine also bears two inspection stamps. The blade is in good condition (See Pics)
The wooden grips are firm. The scales are held firmly in place by two large brass rivets positioned close together, and the wooden hilt is drilled on both sides with an oil hole. The pommel is stamped 77 and the locking mechanism is in good working order.
The bayonet is complete but is not with it’s original scabbard (see pics)
The over-all length of the bayonet is 43cm and it is held firmly within the scabbard.