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We seem to have a lot of bayonets coming into the shop at present …..

Elsener Schwyz Bayonet

A very nice Swiss Bayonet Model 1918 with Sheath – Rubin M1911 Carbine, K31. Signed ELSENER SCHWYZ, total length 45 cm, in very good condition. Model 1918 SPECIFICATIONS: Blade Length – 11.81″ (300mm) Handle Length – 5″ (124mm) Total Length – 17″ (431m) Muzzle Ring Diameter – 0.56″ (14mm) Issued with : Schmidt-Rubin Models 1911 […]

Practice Hand Grenade

36M Mk1 Practice Hand Grenade (See Pics) Price includes UK Postage and Packing The heavy segmented bodies of “pineapple” type grenades result in an unpredictable pattern of fragmentation. After the Second World War Britain adopted grenades that contained segmented coiled wire in smooth metal casings. The No. 36M Mk.I remained the standard grenade of the […]