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We are presently buying all forms of gold + silver, even broken, damaged or outright destroyed! provided that the items carry British Hallmarks.
Gold + Silver prices are at a record high, (as the £Pound is weak against the $dollar because of Brexit) so it is highly likely that there isn’t a better time to consider selling your unwanted items.
Give us a call for our latest gold price. 07938 821118
It has never been easier to sell your scrap Gold, scrap silver or scrap platinum for immediate CASH!
Requirements for selling to us…
You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to conduct a transaction with the
You must be the actual owner of the property you intend to sell and if demanded you shall be able to prove the right of ownership of the property, and means of Photo ID, or by providing a purchase receipt.
You must act on your own behalf and you must be domiciled in the United Kingdom.