Remington Bayonet

Not a 1917 but A rare Pattern 1918 Remington Bayonet.

Well, no not really, it is another very interesting item being a very scarce Remington factory error bayonet caused by the production date of 1918 being set for stamping as the ‘ Pattern ‘ date, so instead on the bayonet ricasso reading the usual ‘ 1917 ‘ for the pattern date, this bayonet shows ‘ 1918 ‘ as the Pattern date.

Once the error was discovered, it was immediately corrected, however a small number of Pattern 1917 Remington bayonets were produced with the Pattern ‘ 1918 ‘ error date shown on the riscasso.         Price is £100.00 including UK Postage and Packing Only.  If ordering from Overseas please enquire carriage costs.

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