Filing Cabinet Master Key


Locked out of your filing cabinet?

Fits and opens 95% of Filing Cabinets – A must for office maintenance men, caretakers etc….Saves damaging expensive cabinets and replacing locks.

Special Offer Price including U.K.Postage and Packing £5.99 



YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE TO ORDER! It is the sole responsibility of the BUYER (not the Trade In Post), to ascertain and obey all applicable Laws regarding possession and use of the Master Keys sold herein.
By placing an order the buyer certifies that; he or she is of legal age; and that the item(s) will be used only in a lawful manner.
Trade In Post assumes no liability associated with product usage. The buyer is liable and responsible for any loss, damage or expense of any kind, arising from the use or misuse of any item sold herein.
By placing an order the BUYER certifies that the Trade In Post will be acting in a lawful manner.


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