We Buy and Sell Secondhand Air Rifles and Air Pistols provided that they are in good condition, in good working order, are not over the legal limit and are not overpriced.
We buy and sell all types of air rifles both 1.77 and 2.2 and other associated air weapons (excluding crossbows). We are also interested in purchasing some of the older guns and collectors items and associated equipment.
We try to update the stock lists on a regular basis but it is always worth contacting us to check availability. We have tried to photograph the rifles that come into stock but this is has, as you will see when you view the rifles.

Air Rifles for sale             Air Pistols for sale

If you have one for sale send me the details together with price required (bearing in mind that we are in a recession) to

The Violent Crime Reduction Act has brought forward new laws regarding the ownership, and purchase of air weapons, and the following guide is designed to highlight some of the issues that may effect you when purchasing or indeed owning an air weapon.
Section 31(1) makes it an offence for anyone to sell or transfer air weapons by way of trade or buisness unless they are registered with the police as a firearms dealer.The Trade In Post is a Registered Firearms Dealer. We sell air rifles, air pistols, pellets etc through the store in Shifnal, therefore you can legally purchase air rifles, pistols and ammunition from us, with the knowledge that we are strictly following the law, and able to advise you accordingly.
Section 32 of the Act requires that air weapons sold to an individual by way of trade or business must be handed over in person (Face to face)
When you purchase an air weapon from the Trade In Post, you can order it online and can collect it face to face at our store in Victoria road, Shifnal, Shropshire TF11 8AF we would need to record your name and address at the point of sale in order to comply with the new law so you will need proof of identity in the form of a driving licence, utility bill or a passport.

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