Motorcycle Exhaust Tags

Lost Your Motorcycle Exhaust Identification?

What do you do if your exhaust pipe markings have disappeared, are obscured by age,
wear and tear,crash damage or simply polished off?

The new MOT legislation requires that the vehicle tester is able to see the standard or aftermarket exhaust fitted to the bike is marked with the obligitory BSAU 193a and the European "E" mark
If your Exhaust can does not carry these markings, it will lead to a failed MOT and if you are stopped by Mr.Policeman can lead to a fine and points on your licence.

The law says that your bike will fail the MOT if:-

a. Any part of the exhaust system is missing or excessively deteriorated.
b. A leak in an exhaust system which causes excessive noise to be emitted.
c. An exhaust system mounting missing or one which is in such a condition that it does not fully support the exhaust system.
d. silencer which is in such a condition or is of such a type that the noise emitted is clearly in excess of that which would be produced by a similar machine fitted with a standard silencer in average condition.
e. A silencer fitted to a motorcycle first used on or after 1 January 1985 which is not marked with either:-
* The make and type specified by the motorcycle manufacturer.
* British Standard classification BSAU 193 or BSAU 193a or an EEC approval number prefixed by a small 'e' marking or an ECE approval number prefixed by a capital E.
* A silencer marked 'NOT FOR ROAD USE', TRACK USE ONLY' or similar words.  

I am offering these engraved metal aluminium plates with self adhesive backs as one of the best solutions available to replace those missing marks. They have a mirror finish and blend in well with the exhaust/can.
Dimensions are 50mm wide and 16mm high.
They are 1mm thick and bend easily to the shape required - simply remove the backing strip and apply.


These tags are purely for display purposes and I would not suggest in any way that these tag/s should be fitted to a non standard can or exhaust to try and break the law or pass it off as legal for a MOT.


Price for a single exhaust tag including p/p is 4.99 or if you have a "V" twin and require 2 then it is 7.99 including p/p.

We can also supply blank exhaust tags (in various sizes) which can be used to cover-up/hide unwanted graphics and wording on the exhaust pipes. Email me with your requirements to:


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